Comitatus Cotswold Tours
A new idea in guided tours

Comitatus Cotswold Tours is the most economical way to experience the real Cotswolds.

You're on holiday in the Cotswolds, travelling in a hire car. You'd like someone to tell you about all the lovely places you see, but don't want the expense of a private guided tour.

Well, that's where I come in. I'm a Cotswold Guide who travels with you in your vehicle. I'll make the itinerary, direct you on the road, and show you round when we arrive. 

Typical Cotswold village scene

Flowers in bloom outside stone cottage

Who am I?

My name is David and I've worked as a guide since the year 2000, showing visitors around the Cotswolds and also worked as a guide in a stately home.

I live in Cheltenham, the cultural centre of the Cotswolds and have a wide knowledge of the history, culture and landscape of this wonderful area.

I adore it and want to share it with you.

Comitatus? It's Latin for escort /companion.

You won't just see the Cotswolds, you'll understand the Cotswolds